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Dickinson Group and Horn Glass Industries (Germany) are pleased to announce the establishment of an alliance for the supply of Horn Glass Industries engineering, manufacture and utility equipment to the glass melting industries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

HORN Glass Industries has expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of different furnace types, such as regenerative, recuperative continuous tank furnaces, float furnaces and electrical tank furnaces for the production of lighting ware, tableware, containers, cast glass, float glass, solar glass, pharmaceutical glass, cosmetic glass and technical glassware. 

 With more than 125 years of experience in glass melting, HORN is a knowledgeable and flexible supplier for furnaces, distributor channels and forehearths for container glass production. Many customers use the extremely efficient HORN end fired furnaces in combination with the GCS forehearth Series 100, 200 and/or 300 for highly effective glass conditioning.


HORN’s range of utility equipment includes; Batch Chargers, Boosting, Bubbling, Burners, Cold End Coating Units, Hot End Coating Units, Decorating Lehrs, Drainage, Electrode Holders, Distributors & Forehearths, CORA Distributor and Forehearth Heating System, OPTIBEAM Non-Contact Glass Level Measuring Device, Hot Inspection Service, Roller Annealing Lehrs and Kilns.

HORN’s range of utility equipment includes combustion systems, control and safety equipment, electrical boosting and colouring systems. HORN Glass Industries AG also offers hot end coating and cold end coating equipment for container glass and modern process controlling with SCADA systems of the highest standard.

With its services HORN covers all glass industry requirements. A team of professionals with a wealth of know-how are at the customers’ disposal to install and commission glass plants world wide. Service personnel react quickly in order to provide assistance in any stage of glass production.

Internationally, more than 20,000 tons of glass is produced in furnaces manufactured by HORN each day, underlying the professional and reliable performance of the market leader in container glass furnaces.

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